We are a Cocaine Nation.

Sadly, as one of the most dangerous drugs known to man, Cocaine is common place and ‘normal’ in many walks of life here now. For some it is as habitual as having a coffee break, for others it is the stuff of nightmares as they try to stop alone.

Cocaine creates a huge psychological dependence as it stimulates key pleasure centers within the brain resulting in euphoria but a tolerance to it starts quickly resulting in needing more to achieve the same result. Once an addiction has started it has proven almost impossible to become free of it without help.

It’s hard to break free of that world. It’s hard to break free of the suppliers as you block their number and they call you from different ones just as your resolve is crumbling and it’s hard to break free from being surrounded by others doing the same. But just because everyone else is doing it does that make it right for you? I have worked successfully many times with men and women that are addicted to Cocaine and combinations with other drugs. I know it’s entirely possible to learn to love the life you have in a natural way and see how powerful you are, what you can achieve, and enjoy the buzz of life without drugs.

We are not sheep. We are all amazing individuals that, when we are our own authentic selves, are connected to who we are and how we fit into this beautiful planet we all share. If you take drugs then you are separated from yourself. You are conforming to a culture that includes death and despair. You are losing your uniqueness and you are searching for the very thing that you are destroying: You. You are literally filling your self; mind body and spirit with deadly toxins, and watching the amount escalate, as you lose your way. Moving from one drama to the next until the day you lose yourself completely or you decide to be you, be you, be you.

The people that come to me to give up Cocaine have reached a stage where they hate the way its ruined them, their lives, their jobs and relationships. They hate the way it makes them let people down and let themselves down. They hate the side effects and depression. They hate the way they desperately want to stop but can’t. They tell me that they don’t get any positives from being on it but they still cant stop no matter how much they want to. They are losing so much and gaining nothing.

On my programme we work together to break the links to Cocaine addiction. I use all of my skills and expertise to change the mindset that started it, to break the addiction. I build self love, self trust and self belief, I build confidence to be authentic, I illuminate the harm; mentally, emotionally and physically and I illuminate the good that can come out of leaving Cocaine in the past. Over the duration of the programme profound changes occur and the light, that was once just a tiny spark in the darkness, starts to spread through every part of their lives. Breaking the Links to addiction is 100% possible if we work together to bring you home to you and a bigger, better, balanced way of life. I walk with you all the way.

So if you feel that your use of Cocaine and maybe other substances is now an addiction then I’m right here on the end of the phone to help you to find a richness in life free from addiction. If you don’t think you have a problem then listen to the people that love you the most….what are they saying? Denial isn’t helping you to get well and turn your life around. Denial will only hold you down.



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