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I booked onto the programme with Katherine because someone I knew on the scene had already seen her and had done well. He said she was kind and understanding and knew what she was talking about. I felt comfortable with her and she really did listen to me and understood how bad my life had become. It was such a relief to me that when I explained my life, and my spiralling out of  control, she didn’t judge me at all. Being on it had ruined me and I really believed I had destroyed my future. The hypnotherapy and outdoors sessions had a big impact on me and I felt very different about a lot of things and myself after the programme. I worked with her and kept moving forwards and now, thanks to Katherine I have literally turned my life around and I have managed to keep my job, my girlfriend, and most importantly, my son is still in my life.

I. P.          Cocaine and Ketamine

‘I couldn’t see a way out of my coke problem, out of the darkness I was in, and then a friend told me about how Katherine had helped him to stop. I phoned a few times but I put the phone down. Eventually I talked to her. She sounded like she understood me so I gave hypnotherapy and her programme a try.  It worked. I have no interest in using anything now. Everything is so much better now for me. If you really want to give up then I would recommend Katherine. She has changed my future- I can see I have one now. ‘

‘B’     Cocaine addiction

Through a long term daily habit I found myself in a situation where nothing was how I wanted it to be. I was just existing, going through the motions, without any confidence that I could get off it. The decision to work with Katherine has helped me on so many levels. Her Hypnotherapy sessions helped me to see what could be. I stopped just focussing on myself and started to open up to everything life has to offer. The walking sessions had a big impact on my state of mind too and now I go walking regulary and I really enjoy it. I feel part of a bigger world.  I aprreciate you sticking with me Katherine and your unshakable belief that I could do it. I did it.

Dan. Skunk Addiction

I’m male, 37, I consider myself a proper bloke. I’m surprised I actually went and had hypnotherapy sessions with Katherine

Ive never been ill, or been to the doctors really and never thought that I would have to. I viewed people that were going through difficulties, depression, anxiety as weak and could never understand people like that. I just thought that they should get on with it and that if it ever happened to me I would be able to cope no problem, no matter what the issue. I even gave advice to people to man up.

A couple of years ago I started going through a difficult time but never really realised the effect it was having until it crept up on me. Before I knew it I was a different person. I lost interest in my family, I started drinking a lot, I started crying a lot. I wasn’t able to cope and had no self esteem. Everything that I thought I could cope with just destroyed me, I even had a breakdown.

Someone recommended hypnotherapy and Katherine Deamer. To be honest I was extremely sceptical about it but after a bit of research I thought I would give it a try. To be honest I was massively out of my comfort zone.

Katherine came across in an extremely professional way, that was a big thing for me. I’m not one for flannel or bullshit and she just gave me confidence in what she was doing. Added to this Katherine is an extremely nice person and one of the most positive people I have met. She has also had her own life experiences which is a massive help.

All I can say is that you don’t feel anything is actually happening or is going to happen after the sessions, but it really did do it for me as the days after the session wore on. Without even knowing it I did start feeling stronger and more positive and problems didn’t seem as massive or as desperate as they were. People around started noticing it too. I like logical things and knowing how things work, but with this it did really work without real explanation.

For anyone that is going to see Katherine that has the same scepticism as me there are a few tips I would give: You have got to be open minded and forget who you think you are, you don’t need to think too much about it and whether its working, you just need to go with the flow.

A few words that I would sum Katherine up are: professional, non-judgemental, kind, caring, massively positive!

JB     Anxiety and feelings of Guilt

I tend to strive to do everything to my best ability. I push myself in everything I do. I have to be the best. Then suddenly I got injured and I lost my confidence and my focus. It was very much unknown territory for me and it had a knock on effect into my life in so many ways. After my sessions with Katherine my self belief grew. My confidence grew. I grew as a person. I’m back on track.

Jade    Sports Performance and Confidence



‘Hypnotherapy with Katherine is mint. I’m so glad I went. To be honest I didn’t think it would work but I was desperate to stop gambling. I was in such a mess. Everything was falling apart. You always think you can stop on your own but you can’t. Go and see Katherine and you will come out a thousand times better than you were before.’

Callum     Gambling addiction

Where do I start? Working with Katherine to stop my addictions has been incredible. The support she has offered me and the work we have done has literally saved me. There are no words to explain my gratitude.

Richard        Cocaine Addiction and binge drinking

‘I came to Katherine after going through some difficult times and generally feeling in a bad place. I was repeatedly having negative thoughts over the slightest of things and it was getting too much. I started looking for help. I decided on Hypnotherapy after reading good things about it and a close friend of mine had just been seeing Katherine successfully for self-esteem issues.

Well I can’t praise Katherine enough! She was astounding and emanates happiness and energy, even after you have finished the session. She put me in the most relaxed state that I’ve ever been in, with ease, and tackled my issues with strength.

I now feel so much better after the sessions that I had with her. I’m more able to cope and feel so much more natural with myself.

I can’t stress enough how worthwhile working with her is.

Thanks Katherine. You’ve been excellent.’

Joe       Low mood, anger and anxiety

Since childhood I had feared confined spaces and venturing too far from home but I didn’t truly understand why. As I became an adult these fears grew stronger and I was unable to travel, visit relatives or join in with friends and loved ones that planned wonderful get-aways and trips outside of the town I live. I grew to just accept that this was my life.

At the age of 60 magically I found my way to Katherine who took me back to the specific time in my childhood to discover the cause and then she helped me as an adult to drop my fears. Since my Hypnotherapy sessions with her I have been on holiday, weekends away, travelled on the London underground and trains and I have a new and beautiful world that I can explore.

David P        Claustrophobia and Agoraphobia

I had nervously dragged myself to Gamblers Anonymous, just the once, and sat in the midst of the group feeling ‘I’m not like these people’. I didn’t feel any connection to them and I never wanted to go back. I had reached a point in my life where I was lying to everyone and had been for some time. To be honest I hated myself and I had no idea what to do or where to go for help. My wife and children, were having to live with my mood swings as I won and lost and I was jeopardising my successful business as I gambled more and more. Everything was dark.

I searched the internet for help and ended up phoning Katherine. I waited for it to fail. It didn’t fail. Her understanding and real talent to get right into why I was Gambling away any chance of a good life got me to a stage where I had absolutely no urge or desire to gamble. I’m now in a much better place and I’m working hard to ensure a great lifestyle and future for us all.

Andrew M    Gambling Addiction


‘I would highly recommend Katherine and her Hypnotherapy Sessions. Katherine not only has a great understanding of our psychology but is also highly intuitive, which she blends fluidly making each session extremely powerful. This really has literally made a difference to my life every day. Thank you so much Katherine.’

C.W. Building Self-belief

‘After working with Katherine to rid me of my overwhelming fear I am now happier than I have ever been.’  

J.S  Fear of Failure

‘I have been obese for most of my life and it was affecting my ability as I was suffering from back, knee and ankle pain due to my weight. One month ago I met Katherine and she said she could help me and she has enormously. I admit to having been sceptical and didn’t think I was a candidate for hypnotherapy. I still don’t feel like I’ve been hypnotised.

In 4 weeks I have lost 1 stone 7lb because I automatically choose tasty healthy food. My new mindset tells me that I don’t want to eat fatty, floury, sugary food any more. My back pain has gone and I am now able to go for longer walks without my ankles and knees telling me to sit down. I cannot thank Katherine enough for facilitating this new frame of mind.’

Betty      Food addiction and Health issues

‘I’d like to share my experience of Katherines’ work. I had a phobia of public speaking, not just the usual fear that many of us have, this was at times a crippling fear, that maybe I’d not actually be able to make a sound when called upon. I’d been asked to be a best man, so now was the time to do something. I was recommended Katherine through a long time friend. With her work and my thorough practising I delivered a speech to be proud of, there were only healthy nerves. Once I started to speak a calmness came over me and I enjoyed it. I also enjoyed the day up to the speech, feeling that together we had done the work on me that was needed. I’d thoroughly recommend Katherine and really enjoyed talking to her and the process of fixing this needless, but very real phobia.’

Tim M.     Public Speaking and Presentations



‘If you have any personal blocks that are getting in the way of you living the life you dream of, and achieving what you want to achieve, then I can highly recommend Katherine.

You will certainly see some amazing shifts when you work with her.’

Sue          Self-Belief and Performance in Business

‘It’s exam time here and the anxiety levels are rising for everyone. We have been using some of the techniques you gave us for Amanda before and she’s reacting positively with much shorter and more controlled outbursts of anxiety and recovering quicker as well as not getting anxious at all in circumstances that she previously would have. So thank you for all you did before and are continuing to do for Amanda via the techniques you gave her.’

Amanda.  Teenager  –  Severe anxiety and panic attacks