Sheep or Eagle?

A sheep follows the flock, is full of fear, has no unique thoughts, only ones of survival. An eagle is full of confidence and self belief. It flies high above the storm, thinks for itself, trusts its wings to hold it in the sky, has no fear. So which are you?

Albert Einstein said: ‘In order to form an immaculate member of a flock of sheep one must, above all, be a sheep’.

I’ve worked with business owners that know their whole team are using drugs to get through their working day, to meet expectations, to compete with their peers. Young teams that self prescribe drugs to keep them keen, on their game, buzzing, eager to succeed. I’ve recently been told by one very successful business man that their Sales Team are the only team in the whole company that are not randomly drug tested as ‘there would be no one left in it if we did’. You probably recognise this scenario. I’ve also heard more than once of managers kicking away the chairs of their team and, until they have met the days sales target, they cannot sit down. Stress, Stress, STRESS and the driver of all negative emotions: Fear. So are you fearful of failing, losing face, not keeping up? Take your ego out of the equation and see that you are lacking Self-Love.

Why, if it is now perfectly normal to use drugs to help you succeed at work, is that OK? Why is that normal and accepted and almost part of the job role? ‘Because everyone else is doing it’ doesn’t wash. ‘Because everyone else is doing it’ is what a sheep would say if they could talk. ‘Because everyone else is doing it’ is the saddest thing I can think of as a response. Because we are NOT sheep. We are unique, awesome individuals all with our own skills and talents and potential. We are all full to bursting with unlimited power to be and do anything we choose. The drugs that you believe keep you sharp have side effects that you are aware of. Worth it? The drugs that keep you ‘on the top of your game’ take their toll and eventually destroy you, mind, body and soul.

We are all here to live and experience and be super proactive in our own days, weeks, months, years. We are all here with our own personalities, thoughts, beliefs, actions, gifts and desires. We are all awesome in our own way. Unique. Individual. Fascinating. So why follow the flock that walks you all into one space, shape, habit, thought, experience? Now more than ever before we are finding ourselves lacking in self belief, self love, self confidence. We can’t see that we are enough. We can’t see that there is no Perfect. We can’t trust our own wings to keep us up.

So please, if you are reading this, spend some time writing a list of things that make you who you are right now. Then look and see what needs to go. Then write a list of what makes you truly happy and start to discover who you really are. Because you are far more than you believe you are. You are far more than you have been. Now is the best day to start to become you and act, think, behave, believe and speak like you. If you need help to build self love and confidence then ask for it, it’s out there. You have the power to create change in your life. YOUR life. You are limitless and you are 100% capable of having the most wonderful life by being YOU. You are NOT a Sheep you ARE an Eagle.

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