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The Star Matrix Constellations.™

  • Every one of your feelings has a cause and effect
  • Every one of your assumptions, judgements or criticisms has a consequence
  • Every one of your perceptions holds a vibration which forms an experience
  • Every one of your actions is a movement to manifestation; good or bad

The quality of your relationships, wealth, health, well-being and happiness lies in your ability to take ownership of your own emotions, opinions and energetic feelings.

This journey is about seeking the spirit of truth in all of your experiences and in every relationship you have. You will come to see through the myths that you were living with that you believed were true. Then you can take the movement that supports the change you desire to experience in every aspect of your life and arrive at a place that will deliver you the complete abundance of rich relationships.

Through this work you illuminate what you have been weaving and where you have put yourself in the past so that you can now see clearly that your new thoughts and how you use your energy creates the exact experiences you desire with an instant capacity to transform any relationship.

I am a licensee, practitioner and teacher of The Star Matrix Constellations.

Tm Julie Anne Hart:

 To book a session or to find out more about this powerful and transformational programme then please email or telephone me, Katherine Deamer via my ‘Contacts’ page.