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The 12 Sacred Steps, Principles for Advanced Living and Leadership (Tm)

as Channeled by Julie Anne Hart

I am an Advanced Teacher and Mentor of The 12 Sacred Steps, Spiritual principles for Advanced Living and Leadership ™ for men and women. I have had the great pleasure of teaching and mentoring these powerful and transformational courses since 2015. It has been truly inspiring to watch participants grow in confidence and understanding, discover more about themselves and their true authenticity, and go forward using their increased strengths and clarity. For many that growth has been outstanding and life changing both personally and professionally.

The Men’s and Women’s 12 Sacred Steps courses are different because we are different. Each ‘Step’ works closely with our true strengths, roles, purpose, emotions and beliefs as men and women. They are a return to the true nature of our sexes; bringing freedom and understanding to our lives.

The 12 Sacred Steps are not rules or regulations instead they are guidance for you to follow in your own individual ways and are a unique opportunity to awaken your unlimited potential.

The program will help you to gain the tools to find a new and powerful way to live your life and thrive in business. You can discover clarity, happiness, creativity and success in all areas of life. Implementing a new way of advancing your lifestyle and self leadership on every level.

If integrated into your life it really is a course of total positive transformation where you can live bigger, brighter, happier, more successfully, more authentically, whole and complete.

I offer The 12 Sacred Steps, Spiritual Principles for Advanced Living and Leadership, to small groups and individuals throughout the year. If you are interested in learning more about this transformational course then please feel free to contact me and I would be happy to answer any questions that you may have. To your success, Katherine.

Katherine became my mentor, and one of my teachers, when I joined the Men’s 12 Sacred Steps; Spiritual Principles for Advanced Living and Leadership Programme ™ in 2017.

I was quite nervous at the beginning but integrating the 12 Sacred Steps into my life has been truly life changing in my business and my personal life. Katherine has been one of the reason’s why it has been so successful. She is an intuitive teacher, a good listener and counsellor and whenever I have felt negative for any reason, at the beginning of my teaching sessions or phone conversation, I always end up feeling positive and ready to move things forward in my life by the end.

Katherine is always professional and very compassionate. You feel that she wants the very best for you. She is a truly amazing person, who will help you become the best person you can be. I would recommend the ’12 Sacred Steps’ to anybody that wants to feel more connected to themselves and become who they are meant to be.


What the 12 Step programme has meant to me: An opportunity to really experience and integrate deep spiritual wisdom, new deep and lasting relationships with other like minded women, and a time to grow on so many levels. I had no hesitation in saying ‘yes’ to doing this course and I have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone as it has been life changing in every way.  


The 12 Sacred Steps is a very personal journey of discovery. It has been so easy to remain dedicated to doing the work daily with myself as feeling the ease of mind, being a much better version of myself and advancing my core beliefs has created a harmonious feeling that has a ripple effect on those around me. I am so immensely grateful to have met Katherine Deamer and Esther Felder, plus the other ladies on the course that have assisted in making this journey possible.


I started the 12 Sacred Steps course, principles for Advanced Living and Leadership, last September with Katherine and Esther as my mentors. I would describe the course as spiritual with very practical every day applications. At the time I was stuck in a rut in my job, certain aspects of which I loved but many I found to be tiresome at best but highly stressful at worst. I felt trapped in this post, unable to escape for financial reasons and had felt this way for many years. 

The course with Katherine and Esther’s gentle and expert guidance allowed me to see things differently. I saw that many of the reasons I had for staying in that post were based on the myth of fear and six months into the course I had handed in my notice after 23 or so years of being in that profession. I am now in a position to start my own business, something I never would have considered possible had it not been for Katherine and Esther’s unstinting guidance and support. 

If you are feeling trapped, stuck in a rut and looking to make changes to any aspect in your life then look no further from Katherine Deamer who will guide you through the 12 Sacred Steps course which will continue to have an impact on your life for many years after the course has ended. 

Life is once more exciting, I wholeheartedly recommend this course!


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