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The 12 Sacred Steps, Principles for Advanced Living and Leadership (Tm)
as Channeled by Julie Anne Hart

I am an Advanced Teacher and Mentor of The 12 Sacred Steps, Spiritual principles for Advanced Living and Leadership ™ for men and women. I have had the great pleasure of teaching and mentoring these powerful and transformational courses since 2015. It has been truly inspiring to watch participants grow in confidence and understanding, discover more about themselves and their true authenticity, and go forward using their increased strengths and clarity. For many that growth has been outstanding and life changing both personally and professionally.

Massive thanks to Katherine Deamer for such a powerful mediation, Hypnotherapy session, centred around addiction. Wow! I have never experienced such a deep level of hypnosis, packed  full of a powerful and beautiful blend of positive suggestions and broad enough to cover any     form of possible addiction; stress, overworking, drugs, overthinking etc while reprogramming   negative patterns of thought and negative behaviours. I am very much looking forward to the next one. Thank you Katherine’