Anabolic Steroids: Body or Mind?

If you use them then you know what they do; they build muscle mass and decrease fat while improving athletic performance. They mimic the effects of the male hormone testosterone. They can be injected into muscle, taken in tablet form or applied as creams or gels onto the skin.

If you use them then you will know that you can avoid some of the side effects by ‘Cycling’; using for a while then stopping before starting again. You can ‘Stack’ them so that you get different effects from different drugs. Then you can also do ‘Pyramiding’ when you take an increasing dose over 6 to 12 weeks with a combination and stop and start. And you can time their use perfectly so they are out of your system in time if you are going to get tested.

If you are not really careful with your timings and dosage then regularly taking them can lead to potentially dangerous medical conditions. I’m sure you have researched the risk of high blood pressure or heart attacks, liver tumours, mood swings and manic behaviour. You may block out of your mind the fact that you might become violent or aggressive to those around you.

If you’re a man you are turning a blind eye to the possibility that Anabolic Steroids can reduce your sperm count, causing infertility, shrunken testicles, cause an inability to gain an erection, and come with an increased risk of Prostate Cancer.

If you’re a woman you are over looking the risk of a deeper voice, excessive hair growth on your face and body, lack of breast tissue and the possible fertility problems that can be caused.

And then there’s the fact that they are addictive, whether you are being ‘clever’ with them or not, they are addictive. Doctors advise people, that are taking them for medical reasons, to come off them gradually to help with the withdrawal symptoms of depression and apathy, feelings of anxiety, difficulty concentrating, poor sleep, feelings of paranoia, possible anorexia, lack of sex drive, extreme fatigue, pain in the joints of your body and terrible headaches.

Once a plateau has been reached in a natural, 100% human effort way, the desire to impress gets stronger and the drug of choice helps build that muscle and rewards the dedication that is necessary to progress and maybe compete. From talking to my Addiction clients that use these drugs I understand that the  aim is to have more than Nature gave them and to have real power and muscle to show for the special diets and the hours and hours of work put in at the gym or on the track etc.

It is a sign of our image conscious times that it is now more and more common for people that are not confident in some way to want to enhance their looks, figures, physiques, faces to choose to have plastic surgery or Botox or fillers or drugs that make them thinner.  A body builder will see satisfaction in their appearance as muscle. They want to be bigger in a muscular way to feel happy with themselves both physically and emotionally their drug of choice if they want to go down that root is one that increases size via muscle mass.

When it comes to self image and the perception of one’s outward body image, often this is distorted, a misconception of how we look. Yet the real issue is not what we look like but how we feel about being us. People that are happy in their true authenticity are contented and confident in how they look regardless of what their outward image is, they are happy in their own skin.

We can create a psychological addiction to gaining the attention and admiration of others. The ‘Selfies’ culture is a perfect example of the craving for validation and praise.  With Anabolic Steroids the desire to improve self image and body image motivates changes in behaviour which can lead to a use of the drugs to sustain the positive praise and attention that is now craved psychologically.

We are always what we believe we are. For some the desire to excel, impress and gain praise and positive attention from others drives them to take measures that others would never consider. The deep seated need for admiration is born of a lack of self love and self belief and that need can create addiction, addiction to feel desired, envied, looked up to. An addiction to what, in their eyes, makes that possible: Anabolic Steroids.

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