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BREAK THE LINKS Ending the limitations of Addiction

12 Week Drug / Alcohol / Gambling Addiction Programme

From my work with professional people with addictions over several years I have designed my Break The Links programme: a gateway to freedom and wholeness, a hybrid of all my successes of the past with new and innovative additions that have come together perfectly to produce even more powerful and transformational outcomes for my clients. As part of the healing journey we also work outside connected with the beautiful countryside where we can power up in a natural way and talk through any issues and fears you may have. With this programme you can start to find your ‘self’, to sense, to know, to feel, to grow, to heal and to release what is not helping you to move forward.

Working with you in breaking your addiction I rebalance, retrain and reframe your old thought processes, your old behaviours, your old beliefs, that were holding you down, for change and transformation to begin. You have a new start where you can create a life without separation and isolation, a life where your pleasure is not reliant on an addiction. A new life where your self trust is strong and you can live bigger, better, brighter, whole and complete, where the buzz comes through living in a heart-centred way, laughter and lightness instead.

Your well-being and success is my priority and I adapt my programme to fit your own uniqueness. I want you to feel the richness of life and thrive and so I guide and support you, I walk it with you, and when needed, I am the light to see by. I am your Lighthouse.

So if you have that strong desire to change I look forward to connecting with you.

With best wishes for your success, Katherine


What's involved in the BREAK THE LINKS Addictions Programme?


Part 1:

We start off with an Initial meeting where you talk to me about your life, what it is you want my help with and why. This session is powerful in its own right as often people feel the benefits of being honest and open about their lives without judgement, blame or shame. This is usually about 2 hours and I gain all the information I need from this to write your Hypnotherapy sessions.

Part 2:

We have 6, one hour, weekly hypnotherapy sessions where we work together to transform negative beliefs and behaviours that you have held due to significant experiences or issues in your life. Through my sessions, and your desire to change, you can strengthen up and break the links to your addiction. This is powerful work that we do together but I want you to recognise that I can only help you if you want to help yourself


Part 3:

2, one hour, once a week, sessions with me walking in Nature. We walk and talk together while I use my skills to realign you and reignite your passion for life to reach your aspirations. Walking in Nature and forests has been proven to lower our blood pressure and reduce stress hormones, reducing depression and boosting our energy and I have used this counselling time with my clients very successfully.

Part 4:

2, weekly, 30 minute mentoring calls to keep you strong and progressing forward.

Part 5:

Our last Walk and Talk counselling session. 1 hour. Soaking up the beauty and energy of Nature while discussing your progression and forming your future plans to live a life you can thrive in.

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