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Addictions Specialist
Hypnotherapy and Counselling


If you are looking for a it is - I am your Lighthouse

Hello, I’m Katherine Deamer, an Addictions Specialist using a unique blend of Therapy, Counselling and Hypnotherapy to help you to break your links to drug, alcohol and gambling addiction.

Without judgement I aid you to see yourself, where you have been, where you are and where you want to be, discovering how you wish to live your life, to be, to do, to achieve, your aims and goals. We work together to retrain and reframe your old patterns and negative habits and actions to ignite excitement of life once more in a natural way.

Through working with you to understand what changes you want to make I help you balance your emotions and thoughts, to turn around to see things in a different way, as you build a new more meaningful relationship with yourself and discover your authenticity, your passions and abilities, increasing your self esteem, self respect and self trust.

My therapy programmes, and the way I work, are as unique as you are and I put maximum effort into creating powerful sessions that focus on each personal mix of issues.


Addiction. Are you the person in the reflection?

If this film resonates with you then consider working with me to bring about real and positive changes to your life, creating a life that you can love and be proud of.

Video by Simply Thrilled

It is only when there is a desire to identify with something different that a sustainable approach of change can begin.

For sometimes one is in transition, on the pendulum of change, where there is a desire to change and then a pull for the addiction once again.

The point of transformation is the point when you begin to open up to the truth within you that knows and senses that there is so much more to life. It is your right to be part of that meaningful life, and when you work alongside me, your journey of discovery and sustainable recovery can begin.

5 STAR points for change

1. Environment: changing ‘where you are’ on many levels, as you start to seek more of yourself, the real you, as you begin to release your addiction.

2. Perception:  changing the way you perceive everything. To know that there is always hope, trust, support, recovery, discovery, potential, health, happiness and possibility.

3. Support: finding support through information, knowledge, guidance, wisdom, access to resources, help and groups that are all out there waiting for you.

4. Purpose: with life, leadership and meaning. With wholeness, confidence, esteem, respect and honour for yourself.

5. Emotion: the loss, the grief, the guilt and the shame have to be eliminated to sustain growth of further self discovery and recovery.